Progress is for all people …

Like most parents, I am both thrilled and scared for my daughter and what the future will bring. Climate change, confusing and scary politics, and the evolution of technology to a point where most industries will resurface into formats that we barely recognize are just some of the challenges that lie ahead. There are very […]

Women’s Issues are HR Issues

The tide has changed over the past several months. Instead of women quietly and discretely coping with sexual harassment, the pay gap, and various forms discrimination they’ve been speaking up … and sometimes yelling. Women’s issues are no longer a narrow niche – they are front and centre, especially in the workplace.   Women’s Issues […]

“Woman-to-Woman” Campaign

In 2009, we launched our “Woman to Woman” Campaign: “Give to a Woman In Your Life!”, which encourages women to mentor, advocate, share, and educate each other. A beautiful bookmark with the Zonta logo and yellow rose emblem was used for this purpose.  

Accessible Playground

Opened in 2001, this unique playground project was made possible through creative funding partnerships at many levels. Provincial, municipal, corporate, service club, and personal contributions were gratefully received. The budget was approximately $300,000. Our Zonta Club made a commitment to the City of Mississauga to raise $100,000 for this important venture. We accomplished that within […]

ZontaPreneurs – Zonta Gives Back!

Zonta Gives Back: Our Zontapreneurs Scholarship awarded to a female student at Sheridan College’s business campus in Mississauga who is planning to start her own business. The 2013 scholarship award was won by Tehniat Noorani.