30 blog ideas to help small business owners

For many small business owners, posting blogs frequently is important because it gives them a chance to stay connected with their audience. Unfortunately, over time, their blog sites become inactive because they find it hard to find new topics to blog about.

If you need fresh and new ideas for your blog, pick from these 30 topics. And let me know how you do!

1)    Write the background story of your business and how it started.

2)    Ask your readers what they want you to write about.

3)    Do a round-up of the previous year’s most popular blog posts.

4)    Recap or update a previous blog post.

5)    Answer customer’s most frequently asked questions.

6)    Explain how your company got its name.

7)    Describe a day in the life of your company. 

8)    Explain hiring practices or describe the interviewing process.

9)    Confess a weakness.

10)   Outline a lesson you learned in the last year.

11)   Share some of the latest trends emerging in your industry.

12)    Write a profile piece on a staffer or a long-time customer.

13)    Write about the biggest challenge your company had in the last year.

14)    Discuss upcoming or recent events in your business.

15)    Do a product review.

16)    Run a contest.

17)    Share upcoming promotions.

18)    Write about new products or services being launched.

19)    Share tricks and tips for customers to make better use out of your products or services.

20)    Share an anecdote about a great suggestion you received from a customer.

21)    Explain why you love being a business owner. 

22)    Talk about some of the biggest challenges in owning a business.

23)    Do a video tour of your company’s building and office spaces.

24)     Share your hopes and plans for your businesses future.

25)     Write about what you hope to accomplish through your blogs.

26)     Review a book or magazine article relevant to your industry.

27)     Post a tutorial or how-to video or written piece.

28)     Discuss what you consider to be unethical practices within your industry.

29)     Talk about the ways you convert an unhappy customer into a happy customer.

30)     Explain why you love your industry!

This blog is reprinted with permission. Dwania Peele is the Owner and Executive Director of Canadian Small Business Women (CSBW). A chemist by training and education, and an entrepreneur at heart, Dwania has launched two successful businesses in seven years. Through e-courses, blogs, online chats, seminars and expos, she helps entrepreneurs showcase their expertise. Dwania is a frequent guest speaker at entrepreneur events and at panels across the GTA where she provides valuable business insight. The views expressed here don’t necessarily reflect the views members of the Zonta eClub of Canada1  or Zonta International. 

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